Internet Marketing for Your Business

Top 5 Reasons you need SEO

At this point, most advertisers and entrepreneurs realize that SEO is a basic factor for driving site traffic. In the event that your site and substance aren't legitimately advanced, both for work area and portable clients, you'll have a fantastically troublesome time...

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Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

So, does digital marketing and Facebook advertising for law firms work? That's a question I get asked quite often by lawyers who do not see the benefit of advertising on Facebook. There are tons of articles online on how to market your law firm online, some good, some...

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Copywriting for the Web

If you are going to write content for your website, via a blog, or news posts, then you might as well write search engine friendly copy! Copywriting for the web is a little different than copywriting for lets say a brochure, or sales sheets. Yes, there is a learning...

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